The “REEL” Problem

Hey guys it’s Jonah here, over the last couple of weeks I have learned so much about turtles, birds, and just nature in general. It’s crazy how beautiful the smallest things are that most people don’t see, and it’s being taken over by pollution and careless people. When a person throws a bottle or a piece of plastic on the ground and thinks it won’t affect something because it’s just a small thing, well they’re wrong. A bottle can kill animals that get trapped and that means they’re dead, so predators now have no food. One animal missing can affect an entire food chain.
I am an avid fisherman and I can tell you this, I live along the Chadakoin River in Jamestown New York and it is disgusting! People will just use it as a dump and don’t care about size regulations on keeping fish. The fishing used to be amazing here, in the river and in the lake. I remember going out with my grandpa and we would spend hours on hours reeling in bass, muskies, walleye, trout, carp, and perch. Anything in the water would be active and healthy. Now you can’t go a single place fishing without seeing 2-5 dead fish with lumps on them and just deformed. Over the last few years I have caught some decent fish, none from this area. Next time your out and see someone fishing, ask them ” catch anything?” And see what they say.
I hope this sparks some thoughts in your mind and shows a little bit more about our waters and what the issue is, and also bring back some memories on the water and conditions when you were young and how they have changed in a negative way…

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