The Turtles are Smarter than they look.

Last week was reptile and amphibian week. After everyone witnessing my somewhat germanic fear of snakes I began to think that maybe this week’s theme wasn’t for me. But after we went “turtle trappin” the table turned. I never thought I’d think of turtles as cute animals. After catching three, holding one for the first time, and playing with them at McCrea Point they might be some of the cutest animals. We named the three turtles Crush, Squirt, and Lewis… each one having their own personality. Crush and Squirt where Painted turtles while Lewis was a Musk turtle. We spent so much time with these little guys before we had let them go and I had realized that these little reptiles aren’t just cute but extremely smart, smarter than one would think.


While we were showing everyone the turtles at the McCrea Point opening, we would let the turtles walk around in the grass. Almost every time they were on their own, they would attempt to begin their journey back to where we caught them. They knew exactly where the water was even though it was out of their sight. We would even try turning them around to confuse them and they would flip back around and continue to their same path. It was honestly very impressive, so impressive in fact that at one point they seemed to just be showing off.

Musk Turtle L001 (2).jpg

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