A Flash to the Past

When I was younger around age 6 I spent a ton of time outside at my grandparents house in Youngsville, PA. Their house was right next to the Brokenstraw Creek. They had a pavilion in the back and a flower garden, which is where is spent blowing bubbles and playing with my grandmothers 7 cats. I remember being outside and hearing a bird chirp, at the time I didn’t know what bird it was so I asked my grandfather. He said it was a Black-capped chickadee. I was amazed on how he knew the bird without seeing it.

Being here at Project Wild America I’ve learned many different bird calls. We went to Chadakoin park on Thursday the 28th attempting to trap turtles and banding birds. While we were there I heard Black-capped chickadee call. Black-capped chickadees are found in deciduous and mixed deciduous-evergreen forests, especially near forest edges. They are commonly found near willows and cottonwoods which is basically the mabird2ny paths throughout the park. While hearing the chirp I had a flashback to my grandparents backyard, remembering what my grandfather said. I surprised myself by knowing it instantly.

The rest of that day at my grandparents house consisted of watching the cats practice their hunting skills on the birds. Sad to say for the cats needed to work on their hunting skills a little bit more. But for my sake I was entertained and astonished by the nature around me.

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