The Hidden Wonders at McCrea Point Park

Four years ago I started rowing at the boat club right next to McCrea Point Park. During my first year the park was only a big field of grass with tall weIMG_4460eds covering the banks near the water. I remember the park crawling with wild life my first year on the rowing team. Then a couple years later the city started construction on the park to make it prettier and attract more people. As the park underwent construction the park lost some of its wild life, but soon after the park was finished the life came back to it.

I have noticed this past year how much wildlife we have at McCrea Point. During the end of my rowing season I started to notice all the turtles that lived in the Chadakoin River. As we would row down the river there would be tons of turtles laying out on the logs basking in the sun. Most of them were Painted or Musk turtles, but we also saw some Spiny Soft IMG_4461Shell turtles. Just last week the crew of PWA caught and marked the second musk turtle in the state of New York.

Dragonflies and Damselflies are also abundant at McCrea Point Park. Some species of dragonflies the PWA found and identified were the Eastern Pondhawk, Unicorn Clubtail, Blue Dasher, Widow Skimmer, Amber Wing, Halloween Pennant, and 12 Spotted Skimmer. I always saw these dragon flies while I was out rowing but I never payed much attention to them. Now when I see them I’m in awe because IMG_4427of how beautiful they are up close.

All the different types of dragonflies and the three main species of turtles we have in the Chadakoin are just some of the wonders we have right here at McCrea Point Park. Its been amazing to watch the change in the park throughout the years and see how beautiful it has become. I encourage everyone to go there and just sit oIMG_4417n the rocks near the water or go kayaking down the Chadakoin to see all the beautiful wildlife there is in Jamestown NY.


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