Final Thoughts

Abbi Warner: Throughout the past six weeks I’ve learned so many things, along with overcoming public outreach. Getting to learn how to bird band, trap turtles, catch dragonflies and butterflies and identifying invasive species with our mentors Emma, Elyse, Morgan, and Twan. The experience this summer was much more than amazing. I would definitely tell my friends (that are interested in this kind of field) about this program for next summer. I’m hoping to come back next year and learn even more.


Abbi and Emma take a closer look at their recently captured Musk Turtle.

Jasmine Buffone: During these informative six weeks, I can conclude that I have learned a lot. Whether it was catching dragonflies, setting up turtle traps, or identifying invasive species we constantly were gaining new learning experiences. I’m even able to identify different birds through there bird calls. In addition, I can name a total of more than forty species. I had never thought about how many invasive species there is in Jamestown, but through this program, we were about to identify many different plants wherever we went. Like how when we planted trees there was Japanese Knotweed along the bike path at the Chadakoin park. I’m very thankful for this program and I encourage everyone to go explore the nature that surrounds Jamestown!


Jasmine and Abbi plant a tree along the newly opened bike path in the City of Jamestown.

Anna Burt: These past six weeks have been an absolute blast! I’ve learned so much and can’t wait to use this knowledge to help educate the public about what’s effecting our environment and how we can help. This summer I learned how to band birds and hold them, catch dragon flies, identify invasive species, and learned where to look for salamanders and snakes. I’ve definitely come out of this internship knowing so much more than I ever though I’d learn and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer doing anything else. 🙂

PWA Youth Ambassadors 2018 750_1022

Anna and the rest of the crew assist in setting up mist nets designed to safely capture songbirds.

Leanna Stratton: This six weeks has been a very good and educational experience. I have learned more about the environment than I ever learned in school. I never thought that I would hold a wild bird. In this program, we tagged and released over sixty birds. That wasn’t even the best part of this program. We also turtle trapped and sighted many different turtles that live right here in Jamestown. We put a turtle trap in the Chadakoin river during the second week of the program and we caught a musk turtle. We also sighted some spiny softshell and painted turtles along the Riverwalk. We dedicated a week to invasives and kayaked down the river at McCrae Point. This six weeks flew by and when I’m walking or driving I see many plants and animals that this program has talked and taught me about and I’m glad that I had great mentors to help me learn along the way. Many thanks to my mentors Twan, Elyse, Morgan, and Em.


Abbi and Leanna work to identify a raptor spotted flying over the bike path. They concluded its identity as an Osprey.


Makenna Graham: This summer has been so enlightening and a lot of fun. Even in my second year with the program, I still learned so many new things about our environment. I loved all the experiences I had with birds, turtles, dragonflies, and invasive species. The program overall was very informative and I am excited to use all of my new knowledge when I go to college. This summer has definitely gone by quickly, and I’m glad I spent it learning.


Makenna and Sarah work together to plant a Sassafras tree and protect it from potential harm.

Sarah Quadt: I am so truly thankful that I was able to be a part of Project Wild America this summer. I absorbed all of the information I could during these six weeks, and I plan to use it as much as I can in my daily life and in college decision making. My goal for this summer was to put it to good use, and I can relax knowing that I have accomplished so much. This program has brought me one step farther in my journey of giving back to our environment, and I hope what I have learned will help me to accomplish plenty more during my lifetime.

PWA Youth Ambassadors 2018 750_1067

Sarah, Makenna and Morgan identify a dragonfly and prepare to mark it as part of a mark-recapture study.

For more information on all of PWA’s accomplishments, please view our final report here: PWA Summary 2018

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