Meet the Crew!

We are very excited to have our 2019 Project Wild America Crew! Our fifth group is fantastic! Look below to meet our exceptional group.

Crew Leaders:

                                                         Allie Perrin

Hi there, My name is Allie Perrin, and this is my first year as a crew leader of PWA! I’m going into my junior year at Canisius College. I’m studying Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation there. With my Bachelor’s degree, I’m hoping to become a wildlife rehabilitationist so I can help wild animals return to their natural habitats. I’ve always had a calling to help animals and to be outside in nature. I’m very into cleaning up the earth and recycling and promoting a more productive lifestyle. I’m excited to be able to pass that information onto others and educate them on what we are dealing with here in Jamestown, NY. I know this job is going to provide me with so many unique learning opportunities and experiences. I am super excited to have a job that I can look forward to, and I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store!

 Brandon Nielsen

Turtle PWA.jpg

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon Nielsen and am very excited to be a part of the PWA crew this summer as a crew leader! I recently graduated this past year from the Clarion University of Pennsylvania with an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.  I am incredibly interested in the merging of molecular biology and environmental sciences and more specifically, the application of molecular biology to help solve and study ecological pollution and destruction.  I am very passionate about the outdoors and regularly volunteer to help with various environmental clean-up efforts in both New York and Pennsylvania.  Along with this, I am also an avid fisherman and enjoy learning about aquatic ecosystems; how they function and how our actions impact these delicate ecosystems.  I look forward to the opportunities this program will provide for me this summer, both educationally and in community outreach and education.  I look forward to meeting and working in the field this summer with the entire PWA crew and RTPI staff!

Crew Members:

Hannah Hornyak


Hey! My name is Hannah Hornyak, and I’m thrilled to be taking part in this year’s Project Wild America Youth Ambassador Program! I’m excited to dive right into our local environment and look into how it survives and thrives. I thoroughly enjoy spending my time in the great outdoors– jumping into creeks, horseback riding, and going for a good hike. When I’m not running around, I love reading a good book, writing poetry, and playing the cello. I cannot wait to see all this summer has in store for me!


Joseph Youngberg


I’ve always loved being outside since I was little. Growing up hunting, fishing & trapping gave me an early application of the wildlife around me. A goal of mine is to make people see how they affect nature and the natural habitats of different wildlife species.


Mason Tomczak


Hello! My name is Mason, and I am excited to be working at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History this summer. I have always been interested in nature but have never had an opportunity like this to explore my passion. Project Wild America seems like a very engaging and beneficial program that will make for a great summer, and help me to choose my future path.


Andrew Johnson


Hi, my name is Andrew Johnson. I’m really excited about this summer because I get to learn more things that are in our own backyard! I am also thrilled for this summer because I get to work outside, which is rare for a summer job. The opportunity to help the environment and to teach people about it is very cool. All in all, I’m really excited for what is to come this summer.


Ayah Quadri


Hello! My name is Ayah Qadri, and this is my first year doing the PWA Youth Ambassador Program, and can I just say, I have been super excited for this not well know opportunity! This coming year, I will be a senior at Jamestown High School and will be taking AP biology to learn more about the makeup of everything around us. In the future, I plan on doing something in the science or medical field. I believe this is my opportunity to figure out what I will be able to do to protect and preserve nature. I can’t wait to gain knowledge about our beautiful environment from this excellent summer experience and hope to benefit our community as much as possible!! 🙂

Asha Deharder


Hello, my name is Asha Deharder, and I just graduated from Jamestown High School. This fall, I am headed to SUNY Fredonia to major in Music Education. Although not my future career, nature, and environment play a significant role in my life. Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around my love of the outdoors. This joy has carried into the present day, and I believe it’s more important than ever to practice environmental stewardship. I am more than thrilled to be a Youth Ambassador for Project Wild America this summer. I look forward to all the great experiences and lessons I will learn.


Olivia Ruiz


My name is Olivia Ruiz, and I am a new member of the PWA Youth Ambassador program, I’m so excited to take on this adventure! Approaching the new school year, I will be a senior at Jamestown High School. I’ve always been an active member of my community and am fascinated with the environment. I plan to major in environmental science in college, and I am interested in renewable recourses, as well as conservation. PWA will give me a substantial asset for my future endeavors!

Jenelle Grigelevich


Hey! I’m Jenelle Grigelevich. I’ll be a senior this fall at Brocton high school. I am so excited for Project Wild America to be the highlight of my summer! After high school, I would like to go to college in Florida and hopefully someday work in the Everglades! I’ve always been infatuated with nature, and I’m so glad to be part of this program and expand my knowledge about the world around us. I am so excited to get a taste of what it’s like to work in this field, and hopefully, I will be working in this field for the rest of my life.