Meet the Crew!

We are very excited to have our 2018 Project Wild America Crew! Our fourth group is fantastic! Look below to meet our great group.

Crew Leaders:

Morgan Motherwellimg_73001

Hello, I am Morgan Motherwell and I am blessed to be one of the Project Wild America crew leaders this summer! This is my third summer as part of PWA, as I was a crew leader last summer as well. I am a third year at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I plan to earn my bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Environmental Science. I am intrigued by the world we live in and all the species that inhabit it. I love nature, hiking and animals, and I hope to some day be in the field performing research based upon issues facing our planet, and educating the public on these topics; especially about endangered species and threatened habitats due to human actions. I have completed research based upon how road salt affect our crops and the effect of small plastics on organisms. This past year at RIT I cared for Spotted Turtle hatchlings, and performed research on how to decrease nest predation of turtle species! I am ecstatic to be back at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute and to be experiencing the nature right in Jamestown, NY!

 Emma Wade


Hi there! My name is Emma Wade and I am super excited to be back for my third year of PWA! I am about to go into my sophomore year studying Natural Resources and Environmental Science at Purdue University. I’ve always been intrigued by nature and the species that surround us everyday (especially trees) and I have learned so much through this job in the past years (which is why I keep coming back). This is truly a unique experience. Everyday is different: sometimes we start off the morning by bird banding, others we are in the chilly Chadakoin at 8:00 am. And whether it be a new species or a new technique for studying macro-invertebrates, I learn something new everyday! The environment is important and impacts everyone and it’s fulfilling that even in the small city of Jamestown we can make a difference; either by educating the public or saving a duck with fishing wire caught around its leg. I’m lucky to have a job that I look forward to every day and I can’t wait to see what this summer brings.

Crew Members:

Makenna Graham

image1Hi! My name is Makenna Graham and this is my second year as a crew member in PWA. This fall I will be attending Allegheny College as a freshman. I plan on majoring in Biology and pursuing a career in the medical field. I have always been interested in nature and animals, and last years program helped me to realize my love for our planet. I am so excited to be in the crew again this year and to experience all the great adventures we have planned. I hope with our help, the community will begin to see the amazing things we have around us and join us in our effort to better our environment. I’m so excited for all the opportunities this summer holds!

Sarah Quadt

IMG_8697Hey! My name is Sarah Quadt, and I am so excited to be a member of the PWA crew this year. I am 17 years old and am going to be a senior at Maple Grove this upcoming fall. Trying to decide what to do after high school is a very difficult task. I know that I have an incredible passion for the environment; and would like to harness that in my work. I am so thankful that I have the amazing opportunity to get priceless experience in the environmental field this summer! PWA covers a broad range of environmental work, and it will be great for me to step out of my comfort zone, learn my likes and dislikes, and give back to our environment and community. I am looking forward to this program and seeing what the future holds!

Abbi Warner


Hey, I’m Abbi Warner and I’m from Westfield NY. I am extremely excited to be a part of the Roger Tory Peterson Institute this summer. This will be my first year here at PWA but hopefully not my last. I plan on expanding my horizons in marine biology. I’m amazed by our world and how it functions with every habitat. I enjoy walking through the gorge and Barcelona beach with my dog Nutella. I hope to be in the field someday tagging sea turtles, testing water for micro beads or scuba diving into undiscovered caves finding new organisms. I’m so happy I found a job that I look forward to coming to everyday and one that helps me long term reach my future goals.

Anna Burt


 Hello! My name is Anna Burt, I’m a senior at Jamestown High School and this is my first year being on the crew of Project Wild America. I grew up camping at Allegany State Park and fell in love with the environment and the animals and nature all around me. Due to this I am thinking about perusing a career in environmental sciences and conservation. PWA will give me the push I need to make that decision. I’m very excited for all of our upcoming projects and seeing what this summer has in-store for us.


Jasmine Buffone

Hello, my name is Jasmine Buffone and I’m excited to be experiencing my first year being apart of PWA. Starting this september, I will be a junior at Jamestown High School. After graduation one of my goals is to continue on to college and eventually become a veterinarian. I’m interested in learning new ways in which communities can protect wildlife and increase the biodiversities in a safe and impactful way. Through PWA I hope, and am positive, that I will discover new things about Jamestown that I might not have known otherwise. Through different outreach programs I’m looking forward to getting more involved with my community. I am grateful for this unique opportunity and I’m excited to gain new experiences through this program!

Leanna Stratton


Hey my name is Leanna. I am going to be a senior attending JHS in September. The main reason I wanted to be a crew member of the RTPI program was because of my love and fascination for turtles. I love to watch and play with turtles and one day hope to own one. I have always loved nature and animals but never had the chance to explore and learn what really happens in nature. I am very excited this year to learn and see many different species of animals and their role they play in nature. Through this program I will help better my knowledge and help the wildlife thrive in their natural habitat.