Meet the Crew!


We are very excited to have our 2017 Project Wild America Crew! Our third group is fantastic! Look below to meet our great group.

Crew Leaders:

Morgan Motherwell


Hello, I am Morgan Motherwell and I am blessed to be one of the Project Wild America crew leaders this summer! This is my second summer as part of PWA, as I was a crew member last summer. I am a second year at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I plan to earn my bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Environmental Science. I am intrigued by the world we live in and all the species that inhabit it. I love nature, hiking and animals, and I hope to some day be in the field performing research based upon issues facing our planet, and educating the public on these topics; especially about endangered species and threatened habitats due to human actions. I have completed research based upon how road salt affect our crops, and I am currently working on a project focusing on how small plastics may harm organisms. I am ecstatic to be back at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute and to be experiencing the nature right in Jamestown, NY!
Rebecca Rew


Hey there! I am Rebecca Rew, I am super excited to be a crew leader for Project Wild America for the summer! I am from Jamestown, NY and I will be going into my junior year of college this fall. I just graduated from Jamestown Community College with an environmental science degree and I will be going to the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse to study conservation biology. Through JCC I had the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica and Panama, as well as participate in an Urban and Community Forestry Internship. Both experiences have greatly opened my eyes to what all in nature we take for granted. It is amazing how much people value wildlife, it is just a matter of getting them familiar with what surrounds them! One of my ongoing life goals is to always be increasing environmental awareness. It seems so simple to say that we need to protect what we have, however it is through education we can learn WHY we need to. Every organism has a role in an ecosystem, therefore you need all components for it to thrive! Though I am still learning, I hope to spread my knowledge and promote environmental stewardship! I look forward to working with my local community to connect them to nature and educate them on what all we have in the Jamestown area!


Crew Members:

Elliott SaffordScreenshot_20170706-120251

Hey, I’m Elliott Safford, and I am extremely excited to be a part of Project Wild America this year! I just graduated from Sherman Central School, and I’ll be attending Alfred University this fall, to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies. I have always enjoyed being outside. I love horseback riding, exploring, reading, writing, and learning new things. I’m not sure what I would like to do after college, but I really hope to travel and live abroad. This summer I’m hoping to gain some insight into the environment of the area I grew up in and to see how well suited I would be for this field of work. I can’t wait to see what we’ll discover!

Emma Wade


Top of the morning! My name is Emma Wade and I just graduated from Clymer Central School. This is my second year as a Project Wild America Youth Ambassador and I couldn’t be more excited! I will be attending Purdue University in the fall, majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies. One day I hope to be doing field work and studying (and hopefully reversing) certain aspects of climate change. I have always had an interest in understanding all the living things that surround us every day and I’d like to gain a broader perspective on how wildlife and humans coincide. I can’t wait to see what surprises the next five weeks will bring.


Shania Nuse

IMG_6245Hi! I’m Shania Nuse, one of the crew members of this years Youth Ambassador Project Wild America program. I am entering my senior year at Jamestown High School and I’m very excited to be working with the Roger Tory Peterson Institute this summer to learn more about the nature and wildlife that surrounds the community. I have lived in Jamestown for all of my life and have explored more of the wooded areas and trails in this first week than I have in my whole life! It’s exciting to know this summer I will be gaining further knowledge about the natural world that is apart of our day to day lives and is essential for our city. Learning to take the knowledge I gain through this program and give it back to the community is a goal worth reaching. I aspire to encourage some of the community to contribute by spreading the importance of protecting our nature and even thinking of possible solutions to some of the current problems we’re facing today within our own city.  

Anna Sena

Hello! Hello! My name is Anna Sena. I am a senior atannabird Chautauqua Lake Central School. I have always had an interest in the environment because of the beauty that Western New York has to offer. I am a crew member with the Project Wild America Youth Ambassador program. When this opportunity presented itself, I was beyond eager to apply! The program is perfect for me because I love being outside and learning about the great outdoors! I hope to  expand my knowledge of the environmental realm through this internship. when I graduate I would like to study Environmental Science in college and make it my career, so this internship is a great start to my future, allowing me to get a little taste of this line of work. From Bird Banding and tree identification, to turtle research and community outreach, this summer will be one to remember!

Makenna Graham

PWA Picture

Hi there! My name is Makenna Graham, and I’m a senior at Jamestown High School. This is my first year as a crew member for the Project Wild America Youth Ambassador Program. I have always been interested in the environment and animals, so this program is a great fit for me. Throughout the summer I hope to become more familiar with the town I grew up in, while also expanding my knowledge of the environment and animals in the area. After high school, I would like to study Biology, so this program will give me great experience dealing with the different wildlife. I have always loved the Chadakoin River and the environment within it and around it, and with this internship I hope to learn so much more about the various animals in our area. I have no doubt that this summer will be fun and full of surprises!

Jonah Rizzuto

IMG_1393Hey guys my name is Jonah Rizzuto and I am going to be a senior at Jamestown high school. After school I plan on going to college to become a conservation officer or a forest ranger. I’m very passionate towards helping nature and studying it, but I’m also not afraid to make sure people are obeying the laws and protecting nature. Over the past few days, I have seen many new birds and learned their names, colors, size, and also their species specific songs. I have also learned about many trees and what key features they have to identify what species they are. It’s crazy to think that there is way more to a tree than leaves, roots, and a trunk. There so many things trees do to stay alive and also so many differences between the trees! I know whenever I’m out in nature or driving I will definitely be naming birds and trees from now on! Being part of nature has always been in my family, we have always gone camping and I really enjoy fishing. I was only about two when I started fishing; my grandpa would take me out and let me sit with him and look at the fish and pretty much just hand him the bait! Within a few years, when I got to be about eight or nine years old I really found that I loved being out in the woods and cared a lot for nature and how peaceful it is. I hope everyone learned a bit more on me and what i want to do in the future and also what else I have learned the last few days about birds and trees in our very own back yard!!

Hanny Qadri

IMG_2407.JPGWelcome! My name is Hanny Qadri. I am a current student at Jamestown High School going into my senior year. I am involved in the Astronomy Club, Key Club, Ski Club, and Varsity Tennis team. Also for almost three years now I have been a volunteer at UPMC Chautauqua WCA hospital. After high school I would like to study Biophysics and attend medical school specializing in pediatric surgery. I’ve been fascinated with science and math my entire life. Growing up doing activities like dirtbiking, photography, hunting, flying drones and much much more, working with RTPI’s Project Wild America is the perfect fit for me. I’m very excited and look forward to expanding my knowledge throughout the summer. There is so much to be learned and discovered in our own backyards and I’m truly happy to be given the opportunity to be part of something as great as this program.

Lauren Garvey


Why hello there! My name is Lauren Garvey I am a current student at Jamestown High School, I am going into my senior year. I have played soccer since I was four and basketball since 6th  grade and I am still currently playing soccer. I play soccer every summer and fall season, and I love to be outside with nature. You could say it’s kinda my thing. It is my first year working with RTPI’s Project Wild America and so far it has been so fun and I can not wait for the many fun things to come during the duration of the summer. I am always outside either going on a run, walking my dog, or even just going on a walk to just walk to see all of the gorgeous nature and surroundings. After high school I am thinking about going into the Biology field and double majoring in physiology and I am hoping to play soccer in college. I would like to continue interning and volunteering to help my town and community gain knowledge and teach them how to also help out just by doing the little things that can even make a big difference. (: