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How Can I Help the Species Found in the Chadakoin?

Properly dispose of garbage:

  • Garbage
    • Waste can attract predators to areas where turtles are nesting and can alter the water quality, making it less favorable for a number of species.
  • Make sure to throw away broken fishing line and hooks:
    • Birds, turtles and many other species can easily become entangled in fishing line caught in trees or floating in the water. This can cause serious damage to an individual or even death.
  • Volunteer/Get Involved in Citizen Science Projects:
    • There are many opportunities to volunteer with RTPI carrying out anything from biological survey work to educational outreach. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved!
  • Report Spiny Softshell Turtles:
    • The Roger Tory Peterson Institute is interested in hearing about where the turtles have been seen. You can submit your sightings using the following form.

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