The Chadakoin

The Chadakoin River begins in the Chautauqua Lake outlet,where all of the water exits the lake via the Warren Dam. Although this river has been abused by industry in the past, there is still a huge variety of wildlife that exists here. To learn more about how the Chadakoin River is recovering and becoming an important part of Jamestown, click here! The Chadakoin



The Roger Tory Peterson Institute

In 1984, the Roger Tory Peterson Institute was founded. It showcases the work of Roger Tory Peterson and offers museum exhibits. It offers nature education events and programs that appeal to people of all ages. This building is the forefront of active plant and wildlife management and conservation. If you’re interested in learning more about this one-of-a-kind organization, click here. The Institute 



Project Wild America

Founded in 2015, a group of local high school and college students look to teach the community about our amazing natural resources in an annual six week project. This group of individuals get involved in hands-on conservation and education initiatives. This project was designed to spread the love and desire to learn about nature, while conserving its beauty. Click here to learn more. Project Wild America



Roger Tory Peterson

To learn more about the man who inspired Project Wild America, click here! Roger Tory Peterson


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