Local Species

Target Species

As the Youth Ambassadors explore the Chadakoin, they will be keeping a lookout for a number of target species selected due to their rarity or importance to the local ecosystem. Both the Eastern Spiny Soft-Shelled Turtle and Common Musk turtle fit this criteria, as well as a variety of other unique animals.

Detailed descriptions of each of our target species can be found here.


Here is the first Spiny Soft-Shelled Turtle caught by the Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors in 2016!

Full Species List

Along with our target species, our PWA crew also has been putting together a list of every species that we have observed along the Chadakoin. This list will be continuously updated as the project continues.

The full list of observed species can be found here.

Photo Jul 08, 10 43 26 AM

A seemingly unamused American Toad.