Species List

These species lists represent the species found within the 6 week period we have worked on the river. We are adding more to these lists each week as we find and successfully ID new species. This list includes all of the species found since the founding of Project Wild America Youth Ambassadors in 2015!

What to see images of species? Learn about them? Or view live updates?

Check out all the cool organisms the different crews have been sighting each year! You will be able to also see the scientific names, common names, images, ranges, and status of these different local organisms with the links below!


American Bullfrog| American Toad| Green Frog| Leopard Frog|Wood Frog | Eastern Red-back Salamander| Northern Dusky Salamander| Slimy Salamander


American Crow| American Goldfinch| American Robin| Bald Eagle| Baltimore Oriole| Bank Swallow| Barn Swallow| Belted Kingfisher| Blackburnian Warbler| Black-capped Chickadee| Black-crowned Night-heron| Blackpoll Warbler| Blue Jay| Broad-winged Hawk| Brown-headed Cowbird| Bufflehead| Canada Goose| Caspian Tern| Cedar Waxwing| Chimney Swift| Chipping Sparrow| Cliff Swallow| Common Grackle| Common Merganser| Common Nighthawk| Common Yellowthroat| Cooper’s Hawk| Dark-eyed Junco| Double-crested Cormorant| Downy Woodpecker| Eastern Kingbird| Eastern Phoebe| Eastern Towhee| Eastern Wood-pewee| European Starling| Gray Catbird| Great Blue Heron| Great Crested Flycatcher| Hairy Woodpecker| Herring Gull| Hooded Merganser| Horned Grebe| House Finch| House Sparrow| Killdeer| Louisiana Waterthrush| Mallard| Mourning Dove| Northern Cardinal| Northern Flicker| Northern Parula| Northern Rough-winged Swallow| Northern Waterthrush| Osprey| Palm Warbler| Peregrine Falcon| Pileated Woodpecker| Red-bellied Woodpecker| Red-eyed Vireo| Red-shouldered Hawk| Red-tailed Hawk| Red-winged Blackbird| Ring-billed Gull| Rock Pigeon| Ruby-crowned Kinglet| Song Sparrow| Spotted Sandpiper| Swamp Sparrow| Tree Swallow| Turkey Vulture| Willow Flycatcher| Wood Duck| Yellow Warbler| Yellow-billed Cuckoo| Yellow-rumped Warbler

To see more information on the birds we have seen please visit ebird.


Brown Bullhead| Catfish| Common Carp| Muskellunge| Shiners| Small-mouth Bass| Yellow Perch|


Puffball| Witch’s Butter | Slime Mold


Beaverpond Baskettail| Blue Dasher| Blue Mud Dauber| Bluet sp.| Carolina Locust| Cherry-faced Meadowhawk| Clouded Sulphur| Common Baskettail| Common Gray| Common Green Darner| Common Whitetail| Dogbane Beetle| Dot-tailed White-face| Dusky Dancer| Eastern Amberwing| Eastern Forktail| Eastern Pondhawk| Ebony Jewelwing| Elm Sawfly| Emerald Ash Borer| False Potato Beetle| Fragile Forktail| Halloween Pennant| Hummingbird Moth|  Katydid sp.| Monarch| Mosquito| Oak Beauty| Orange Bluet| Pale Beauty| Prince Baskettail| Ruby Meadowhawk| Saw-wing Moth| Shadow Darner| Silver-bellied Cicada| Slender Spreadwing| Spotted Spreadwing| Tarnished Plant Bug| Tussock Moth| Twelve Spotted Skimmer| Unicorn Clubtail| Viceroy| Violet Dancer| Virginia Ctenucha| Water Strider|Widow Skimmer| Winged Meadowhawk| Woolly Aphid| Yellow Jacket


Burrowing Wolf Spider| Fat Mucket Mussel| Kidneyshell Mussel| Magestic Bryozoan| Slug sp.| Snail sp.| Tiger Slug| Zebra Mussel


American Beech| America Elm| Apple Tree| Arrow leaf| Ash| Basswood| Bird’s foot trefoil| Black Cherry| Black Walnut| Blackberry| Black-eyed Susan| Big Toothed Aspen| Blue Spruce| Blue Vervain| Box Elder| Bracken Fern| Bristly Foxtail| Bull Thistle| Burdock| Buttercup| Button Bush| Canary Reed Grass| Cardinal Flower| Chickory| Catalpa| Choke Cherry Tree|Cinnamon Fern| Coltsfoot| Common St. John’s Wort| Common Mullein|  Cottonwood| Crown Vetch| Cucumber Tree| Curly-leaf Dock| Curly-leaf Pondweed| Daisy Fleabane| Dame’s Rocket| Dandelion| Deer Tongue Grass| Dogwood| Spreading Dogbane| Duckweed| Everlasting Pea| Fire Cherry| Forget-Me-Nots| Goldenrod| Grass Pink| Green Ash| Grey Birch| Groundnut| Horse Chestnut| Horsenettle| Horsetail| Japanese Barberry| Japanese Honeysuckle| Japanese Knotweed| Jewelweed| Lambs Ear| Locust| Low-sweet Blueberry| Meadowrue| Milkweed| Morning Glory| Multi-flora Rose| Mugwort| Mustard| Narrow-leaved Cattail| Narrow-leaved Hawksbeard| Norway Maple| Norway Spruce| Oxeye Daisy| Periwinkle| Phragmites|  Pin Oak| Plantain| Poison Ivy| Purple Loosestrife| Quaking Aspen| Queen Anne’s Lace| Red Clover| Red Maple| Red Mulberry| Red Oak| Red-Osier Dogwood| Red-Top| River Birch| Royal Fern| Sensitive Fern| Silver Maple| Skunk Cabbage| Slippery Elm| Spice Bush| Staghorn Sumac| Sugar Maple| Swamp Candle| Swamp Rose| Sycamore| Thistle| Touch-me-Not| Tree of Heaven| Tulip Tree| Velvet Leaf| Virginia Creeper| Water Chestnut| Water Lily| White Birch| White Pine| White Sweet Clover| Wild Grape| Wild Strawberry| Willow sp.| Yellow Sweet Clover


Beaver (recent evidence of)| Meadow Vole| Muskrat| River Otter (consistent reports of)| White-tailed Deer| Woodchuck


DeKay’s Brown Snake| Eastern Garter snake| Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle| Musk Turtle| Painted Turtle| Red-eared Slider| Snapping Turtle

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